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For Chinese M.Sc. students who are interested in applying for a China Scholarship Council (CSC) - Leiden University Scholarship to join us for the CSC application in 2024, please contact Dr. Ding via directly. In your first E-mail (for an initial screen), please write a short cover letter, indicating why you would like to apply for a Ph.D. program, and what research topics you are interested in based on the main RESEARCH topics related to the DING LAB. Also, please attach copies of transcripts from your B.Sc. and M.Sc. studies. Please indicate what scholarship scheme you would like to apply for and attach the link to the scholarship page. (Deadline: before the end of September 2023)


Currently, we have an OPEN position for a three-year postdoctoral researcher that is fully funded by the ERC Starting Grant on the topic of molecular plant immunity. Please apply here.

We are always welcoming and supporting postdoc fellowship applications (e.g. EMBO, Marie Curie, HFSP, FEBS and NWO Veni fellowships, etc.). If you are interested, please directly contact Dr. Ding via; in your first E-mail, please (1) briefly describe your motivation for application and a little bit about yourself; (2) attach your academic CV and contact information of at least two references. Please NOTE that the fellowship schemes can cover a big range of career stages from senior Ph.D. students before their graduation to experienced postdoctoral scientists.


We are open to collaborations with both academic researchers and industrial partners. We are generally interested in making discoveries in gene regulations, plant-microbe interactions, and plant immunity; our long-term goal is to help to find solutions for protecting plant health and helping agriculture. If you are interested in collaborative opportunities, please contact us via

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